Insurance ID Card

The Indiana University system contracts with Aetna Student Health to provide comprehensive health insurance for its international student community and their dependents. If you are a member of this plan and you need to see a doctor before you have received your insurance ID card - non-temporary insurance ID cards will not be mailed until after the Health Insurance Waiver deadline - please visit the Aetna Student Health homepage. You will be able to print a temporary insurance ID card there by following the instructions below. 

Printing Your Temporary Aetna Student Health Insurance ID Card

1. On the top right-hand side of your screen, find the college/university search box seen below and type in Indiana University, as follows:

Aetna Health college search

Click on the highlighted field.

2. On the new page that loads, scroll down and find, in the right-hand column, the following box:

Print ID

Click the highlighted link.

3. In the new page that appears, type in your student ID (found in back of your IU South Bend ID card and beginning with either 000 or 2) and date of birth, as follows: 

Step 1
Click View Card.

4. Click the link containing your name and applicable coverage period that appears:

Step 2

5. You can now print your card:

Step 3

If you have any other questions or concerns about the IU health insurance policy, or health insurance in general, please contact:

Office of International Student Services
(574) 520-4419