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Health Insurance

The health insurance information package given to you at International Student Orientation explains the Aetna Student Plan. The policy link below explains your benefits. Be sure to read the information carefully. You should understand your insurance policy thoroughly so that you can get the maximum benefit from it. In particular, make sure you read the section on the expenses that are not covered by the policy and the information concerning deductibles. If you have questions regarding health insurance, please contact:

Torrey Wang
International Student Services Representative
Phone: (574) 520- 4419

What does Aetna Student Health Provide:

  • Access to Aetna's national Preferred Provider Network of over 579,000 providers
  • $500 annual deductible for in-network care (waived for care rendered at the IU Health Centers). $750 for out of network.
  • Co-payment of currently $10-$20 depending on precedure after $500 deductible
    • Prescriptions are covered at 100% after a $10 generic co-payment or a $20 brand name co-payment (waived for prescriptions filled at the Indiana University Health Center)
  • Available discounts on vision care and alternative health care services
  • Unlimited Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Please read the brochure carefully to understand the services that the Plan covers. Remember, no insurance plan covers 100% of all medical costs. However, the Student Health Insurance Plan offered through the University offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable cost. In addition, by using the Health & Wellness Center in the Student Activity Center, you can substantially reduce your out of pocket expenses. You will be required to pay the charge for all services received at the time of service.

Coverage will become effective on August 10 for fall semester and end December 31, and January 1 through August 09 for those starting coverage in the spring semester. For those beginning study in the summer II session, coverage begins at the start of the summer semester, June 3, and continues through August 09. Although your record is not sent to the insurance company until after the deadline for waivers, you are covered starting on the effective dates above. Please note, that you do not need an ID card to receive benefits. See the Plan brochure that is available on-line at Aetna Student Health for information on how to get reimbursed should you need care before receiving your ID card.

Many doctors and hospitals will file a claim for you if you provide them with information about your insurance coverage. You may have to pay some part of the bill, but these doctors and hospitals will send the rest of the bill to the insurance company. However, many doctors and health care providers require that you pay them directly. You must pay the full amount of the bill when you visit. Claim forms and instructions for filing a claim are available on the links on the right bar.


Insurance for dependents is not billed to your bursar account.  You must purchase it separately within 15 days after their arrival in the country.  J-1 and F-1 students may buy insurance for dependents by downloading the application from the Aetna Student Health website.  Applications must be completed and mailed within the 15–day arrival period.  Please keep a copy of the application for your records.

Waivers (Exemption from insurance)

J-1 students, please note that the requirements for your insurance coverage are changing. Those new coverage requirements will be published soon. F-1 students may be eligible for a waiver from IU’s insurance program if you have purchased an insurance that covers you from your date of arrival or the first day of classes, whichever is sooner.  The insurance will need to meet the following requirements:

  • $200,000 minimum benefit ($500,000 is recommended) or
  • $100,000 coverage per accident (must include maternity benefits)
  • $100,000 coverage per illness
  • $50,000 coverage for medical evacuation
  • $25,000 coverage for repatriation
  • Deductible of not more than $500
  • Co-insurance of not more than 25%
  • Coverage Dates
    • Fall Semester: August 10 to December 31
    • Spring/Summer: January 1 to August 09

Coverage of Maternity and Childbirth

You will have to submit documentation that explains your policy in detail to the Office of International Services.

What happens if you get sick?

If you suffer from anything that the Health Center in the Student Activities Center can treat (e.g., the flu, a cold, cuts or minor injuries), then you should go there.  You pay a mandatory health fee every semester, making the cost of services at the Health Center cheaper than at a hospital or private doctor.  There is no deductible at the health center if you have IU insurance.