Health Insurance Waivers

Requesting a Waiver

If you have insurance from your home country (or other sponsor) or health insurance from a US based company that covers you while you are in the United States, you may waive out of the IU South Bend mandatory health plan. In order to be waived from the IU Health Insurance, your health insurance coverage has to be valid for the whole time of the waiver. In order to receive the waiver, your health insurance policy must have the following minimum coverage:

$100,000 for each sickness or illness
Maternity Benefits: same as sickness; pregnancy, childbirth, and complications
$100,000 for each accident or injury
$50,000 for medical evacuation
$25,000 for repatriation

Deductible (or excess fee) not more than $500 per sickness or injury (per person)

(All amounts and requirements are in U.S. dollars)

Waivers need to be submitted electronically in iStart. You can access the e-form up to 30 days before the first day of classes. The deadline to submit a waiver is 10 days after the first day of classes, and the e-form will not be available after that date. Click here for iStart Insurance Waiver eForm Instructions. Electronic Health Insurance Waiver assistance is available in the Gateway to Excellence in Administration Building.

You will be required to enter information about your health insurance policy (e.g. company name, company address and phone #, policy ID #, effective coverage dates, etc.) and confirm that it meets IU's requirements for health insurance.

If your health insurance policy does not meet IU's requirements, your Insurance Waiver Request will be denied, and you will be required to pay for the mandatory IU health insurance plan.

When entering the periods of coverage, the following dates should be used (your alternative insurance must be valid for these dates, as well).
FALL SEMESTER: 08/01-12/31

Click here to login to iStart and complete your waiver.

Click "Submit" when you complete the Insurance Waiver Request. You will receive an email (at your IU email account) when your request is either approved or denied.

In the absence of a waiver, the insurance premium will be automatically charged to your account with the Bursar. The insurance premium for the 2015-2016 Policy Year is $1544.00. You will be billed by the Office of the Bursar in two installments for the fall semester and for the spring and summer sessions.

Don't forget: You must submit an Insurance Waiver Request EVERY fall and EVERY spring semester if you plan to take coverage alternative to that which is offered by the University!