Forms and Applications

The following forms may be filled out electronically and then printed and brought to OISS or e-mailed to for submission.

Form Description
Academic Records Drop-Off and Document Authenticity Affidavit Students dropping off copies of original academic documents at the OISS front desk or those submitting copies of academic documents by post must submit this affidavit together with the copies.
Affidavit of Financial Support (Declaration of Financial Support) Each individual contributing financially to the named student's education must complete the Affidavit of Financial Resources.
Applying for a Social Security Card Informational This document contains information about how to apply for a Social Security Card.
Arrival Assistance Request New International Students may submit arrival assistance requests using this form.
Concurrent Enrollment Form Students with concurrent enrollment at another school must complete this electronic form in order to count credits from another school toward the full-time enrollment requirement.
Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Authorization This form is to be completed by student and academic advisor when requesting curricular practical training (CPT) authorization.
Change of Status to F-1 Guidance This document contains information about how to change to F-1 status via application or via travel.
Dependent Information Form This form is used to share information regarding F-2 dependents.
Document Pick-up Form This form may be used when authorizing someone else to pick-up a document from the OISS on your behalf.
Driver's License Translation Request This request should be used to request an official translation of your driver's license for the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Your driver's license translation verification will be facilitated by an OISS staff member. The translation will be printed on water-marked IU letterhead. Please complete the form and  upload a scanned copy of your driver's license and your personal translation of your driver's license.

**This request should ONLY be used for you or your F-2 dependent. We cannot translate driver's licenses for other relatives, friends or those not affiliated with IU South Bend.**
Emergency Loan Application This form is required to apply for an emergency loan from the OISS.
Extension of Stay for F-1 Students This form is used by students who require additional time to complete academic program requirements and are requesting an extended I-20.
Family Invitation Letter Request The OISS will write up to four letters of invitation per visit for your family members. Please complete the information on the form and allow 2 business days for the OISS to create the letters. You will receive an e-mail when your letters are ready for pick-up from the OISS. The OISS will also send scanned copies of your letters to you.
Fee Remission Scholarship Application This application is used to apply for the International Student Fee Remission Scholarship.
Insurance Waiver (To be used by summer students only) This is the paper insurance waiver to be used by students beginning their enrollment in summer. All other waivers of insurance should be completed through iStart at the beginning of each semester. By completing a waiver the student is confirming that they have alternate insurance to that provided by the university and that the alternate insurance meets the minimum insurance requirements as indicated on the waiver.
International Student Status Verification For most purposes international students may use the standard enrollment verification form provided by the Bursar's Office that is provided at the link to the left.  If this will not suffice, the student should set up and appointment with an immigration advisor in the OISS.
Leave of Absence Authorization This form is required to request a leave of absence from the University.
Online Course Regulatory Information This document clarifies the regulations regarding F-1 students in online courses.
OPT Employer Information Update Students on OPT may use this form to notify the OISS of employer updates. OISS should be notified of new employment within 10 days.
Orientation Volunteer Sign-up Want to assist with International Student Orientation?  Click here to sign-up!
Reduced Course Load (RCL) Authorization This form is used to request approval for Reduced Course Load (RCL). Student must remain enrolled and attending classes full-time while awaiting OISS approval.
Reinstatement to F-1 Informational Form This document clarifies the process for being reinstated to F-1 status after losing status.
SACM Transcript Release This document is required of all students sponsored by SACM in order to authorize OISS and the Bursar's office to send transcripts to SACM as is a required part of the SACM scholarship. The form may be typed or handwritten, but most be printed and contain an original signature when turned in to the OISS.
Transfer IN Form This form is used to notify the OISS of your intent to transfer your F-1 immigration status into IU South Bend. The OISS uses the information to update your SEVIS record.
Transfer OUT Form This form is used to notify the OISS of your intent to transfer your F-1 immigration status to another school. The OISS uses the information to update your SEVIS record with the name of the school to which you will transfer and your transfer release date.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us in the Office of International Student Services.

We are located in the Administration Building Room 166X.  The office is open from 8:00am until 5:00pm Monday through Friday.