Preparing for Permanent/Extended Departure

IMMIGRATION DOCUMENTS (For F-1 and J-1 Visa Holders)

Put your immigration documents in good order by reading the weekly Immigration Services emails, consulting with the OISS, and submitting immigration forms well in advance of your travel date. Be sure to take into account the grace period for which you are eligible when making your departure plans.


On Campus:
Review the Office of Housing and Residence Life procedures and policies for preparing your room for departure.

Off Campus:
Notify your landlord in writing, of your departure date. If you have paid a security deposit, discuss with your landlord the condition in which the apartment must be left in order to secure the full return of your deposit. Make clear arrangements as to when the deposit will be returned.

Notify all utility companies – telephone, gas, electric – of your departure date and arrange for final payment and refund of any deposit.

Donate reusable items such as clothing, furniture, appliances, and dishes to charitable causes or retail shops. If you have items you wish to sell you can list them on trusted websites or hold a yard sale.

Arrange to ship your personal items. Check with your particular air carrier regarding the maximum weight allowed for luggage since this will impact the number of items you may choose to retain.


Leave a forwarding address/notification of address change with the OISS, the Registrar, and the post office. Provide an address to companies from which you expect a bill.

Settle your University account. Return all library materials and other borrowed items.

Obtain official copies of your transcript, diploma, and other important documents such as medical, dental, and children’s school records if you are leaving the United States. If such documents can not be issued before departure, ensure that you have arranged to have these items shipped to you.

Close your bank account in writing rather than allowing the balance to drop to zero.


Arrange for the sale or transfer of your vehicle by consulting the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at Do not leave your old license plates on any car you sell!


Although you may have coverage for a period after your graduation, you should check the terms of your health insurance and arrange for an extension if the coverage is set to end before you depart the U.S. You will find more information here.


Your student ID number will always be associated with your student record; however, the privilieges associated with that number, like checking out library books or getting SAC memberships, are only active when you are enrolled in a class.

F-1 students who are participating in Optional Practical Training (OPT) should follow the instructions below to retain access to their IU South Bend email accounts throughout their employment period. Please continue to check your email account for important information from the OISS. Please note your IU South Bend e-mail must be set to your primary e-mail address and must not be forwarded to an alternative preferred address or your e-mail account will be deactivated.:

Create an Imail or Umail account

Umail accounts are not disabled when their owners leave IU, so you can continue to use your account after you graduate.

With a Umail account, your return address will remain  or  after you graduate. Your campus address (e.g., ) will remain active only if you set your preferred address to your Umail or IU Connect alumni email account (see below). Forwards to other preferred addresses will result in the deactivation of your campus address. See At IU, how do I register my preferred email address?

You may also be interested in creating an Alumni Association e-mail account to maintain contact with the University. Below are the instructions to do so.***


Join the IU Alumni Association

There are thousands of IU alumni living in countries around the world. Explore the benefits and learn more about other alumni opportunities at the link above.

  • ***Create an IU Alumni Association account

The IU Alumni Association offers a web-based email client that combines powerful virus protection and an integrated calendar. Alumni and members of the IUAA have access to a professional email address (i.e., or one of several campus variants) for resumes, social networking, or to highlight their affiliation with IU. Sign in with your IU Network ID to create an account on the IU Alumni Email Account Creation page.