Globalizing your Teaching Style

Teaching International Students can be a great opportunity for investigating your teaching styles and the inclusive nature of your methods. International students bring with them cultural paradigms about

  • how to interact with faculty
  • which homework is "important" and which they can just copy from a friend
  • whether or not is appropriate to ask questions
  • metaphors and analogies for complex concepts

These paradigms can cause some challenges and opportunities within the classroom and the campus. How are you preparing yourself to work with:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Class Participation/Group Work
  • Inclusive Curriculum
  • Managing New Perspectives
  • Plagarism and Cheating
  • Assessments

International Student Culture Resources

The resources listed here are intended to guide you in your journey to working effectively with international students.

Camosun College: Second Language Students...

Center for Applied Linguistics: Language, Diversity, and Learning: Lessons for Education in the 21st Century

The University of Melbourne: Teaching International Students: Strategies to Enhance Learning

Carnegie Mellon: Recognizing and Addressing Cultural Variations in the Classroom.

Jan Bamford and Katerina Sergiou; London Metropolitan University: International Students and Plagiarism: an analysis of the reasons for plagiarism among international foundation students

The Higher Education Academy: International Student Lifecycle Resource Bank