International Education and Exchange Speaker's Bureau

Would you like to hear the voice of an international student in your classroom, staff meeting, club meeting or community group?

Kanga volunteers are graduate and undergraduate students interested in sharing their knowledge and talents, together with their cultural perspectives and traditions through discussions, panels, performances, demonstrations, and multi-media presentations. Faculty, staff, and community members are encouraged to collaborate with Kanga volunteers to create activities that enhance curricula and engage campus and community members in an intercultural exchange of ideas, skills, and experiences.

Kanga volunteers promote cultural understanding while at the same time developing public speaking and interpersonal skills on the way to becoming true “global citizens.”

Are you ready for a new outlook on the world? Consider becoming a Kanga volunteer or intercultural activity facilitator.

Interested in having a student come to talk with your group? 

Requests should be made at least one week in advance.
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Want to join Kanga as a student volunteer? 

Scholarship holders will find this is a great way to fulfill expectations for service to the community.
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Why "Kanga?"

Kangas, large squares of colorful, patterned fabric,  serve communities in many African countries as traditional dress for women, napkins for meals, diapers and carriers for babies, and hundreds of other ways.
Each kanga includes a proverb, usually in Swahili, that can communicate any number of things.  The garment has a rich history of passing from culture to culture.  The kanga, as an artifact, serves as a great metaphor for our speaker’s bureau: communication, cultural exchange, handcrafted artifacts, rich combinations, multi-purpose.

Click here to read an article on how kangas are “doing the talking” in many regions of the world.