Creating your Class Schedule with an Advisor and Enrollment

International Undergraduates

You will meet with an academic advisor to register for courses during the orientation process.  Once you have completed your English and Math Placement exams you will have all the items necessary to register for you classes.  Your academic advisor has in-depth knowledge of the major you are pursuing, as well as University Policies regarding required classes.  Their advice is designed to help you meet all requirements in the most effecient manor possible.

It is possible to change your intended major when meeting with your academic advisor.  When meeting with your advisor you can also discuss adding additional majors or minors to your degree program.  If as you begin your studies you find that you are interested in a different major program, you can also work with your advisor to either add a new major or change your major.

International Graduates

You will need to work with your graduate program in order to register for courses.  You will be able to register once you have completed your check in with International Services through international orientation.

Your graduate program is likely to have its own orientation program, so be sure to be in contact with your program’s office about orientation requirements.