International Student Banking

Cash On Hand

Upon arrival in the US, you should have access to enough money to get to and pay for your temporary housing, purchase groceries and any other supplies you of which you may be in need. There are several ways to access your funds when you get here. Carrying cash may be dangerous, so consider getting traveler's cheques or confirm with your bank that your debit card will allow you to withdraw cash from an ATM in the US (most will).

Choosing Your US Bank

You will probably want to set up a bank account within the U.S.  This account will allow you to make online payments to the Bursar, write checks for other bills or have funds directly deposited from an employer.  There are many banks in the area to choose from. 

As you make your bank choice, consider your transportation and how you will access the bank, ATM availability and online services.  

IU South Bend has a branch of the Indiana University Credit Union right on campus.

1st Source Bank, Mutual Bank, South Bank and Wells Fargo all have locations within walking distance of campus and many other banks are accessible by car.

Setting up an Account

When opening your account, you will need to go in person.

Take your passport, student ID and other immigration documents with you, as well as a small amount of cash to deposit.  You do not need a social security card to open a bank account.

If you plan to have someone wire money to you, be sure to ask your bank for routing information and costs for wiring funds.