Policy on ESL Placement Appeals

(December 2010)

Students who intend to appeal their ESL placement results must do so within 3 days following the release of their placement scores through Onestart by contacting the ESL Program Director. Results are usually released on the evening of the placement tests. To view your placement scores, check Onestart under “View Test Scores” or talk to your advisor.

Students should make an appeal only if they have a compelling reason to do so. They should email their appeal to the ESL Director stating in detail the reasons for their appeal.

Students who have not taken their ESL classes in a timely fashion are not eligible to request an appeal. ESL classes must be taken in sequence starting in the first semester of the student’s enrollment at IUSB. No interruption in the sequence of prescribed ESL courses will be permitted.

No appeals will be considered once classes have started.

Should students have a compelling reason to appeal their placements due to advising issues, the appeal should be done through their advisors.