ESL Placement Test Results and ESL Course Registration

Students who do not indicate at time of application that English is their native language and who have not completed the equivalency of English Composition 131 prior to admission are required by the terms of their admission to sit for an English Language Proficiency Assessment Exam and to take course work as prescribed by the results of the exam.
The Letter of Admission further stipulates:

  • If you are required to take English course(s), you MUST begin them during your first semester of study and complete any remaining course(s) during subsequent semesters. No interruption in the sequence of prescribed ESL courses will be permitted; students will be automatically enrolled in the prescribed ESL courses every semester until they are done with the sequence. To better support your academic success, IU will enroll you in any prescribed language course work each semester until your sequence is completed. Exceptions will be made only in the summer, if classes are not offered at that time.

Since supplemental language instruction offered early in the degree program is fundamental to the success of second-language learners, the Registrar will assist the ESL program to register all ESL students for the appropriate course work immediately following review of the assessment exam results. This will allow students to build their schedules around this required course work. All incoming international students who place into one or more ESL classes after taking the ESL placement tests will be automatically enrolled in their prescribed ESL class(es) by the Monday before classes begin if not sooner. Students who are placed in non-ESL composition courses must register on their own or with their advisors.
Please note, that ESL classes may not be dropped, postponed, or shifted unless authorized by the ESL Program Director. In order to remind students of the terms of their admission regarding language assessment, and the ESL course placement and pre-registration, we are using the following means of communication:

  • Office of International Student Services Pre-Arrival Checklist (Students admitted through the OISS receive 3 reminders to complete the checklist and confirm enrollment).
  • Bulletin Board
  • OISS, ESL, and English department Web sites
  • Reminders to the Academic Advisors, Department Chairs, and Support Staff
  • Email reminders sent to the IU South Bend address and Personal address
  • Letter mailed to post at the local address listed in OneStart

Note regarding continued Enrollment in Course Work and Bursar Charges
Students will not be dropped from the class for non-attendance. However, if a student:

  • Has been pre-registered for ESL coursework,
  • Does not appear to be enrolled for any other course work, in addition,
  • Is under no obligation to maintain the course work for purposes of maintaining immigration status,
  • And has not attended class in the first week.

Then, upon review, the registration will be dropped before the end of the first week of class.  All other students will be retained unless they appeal directly to the ESL Director for an exemption. In instances where it is determined that the student was unaware of the pre-registration and otherwise exempt from the course, assistance will be provided in arranging for the course to be dropped.
If you have any questions, please email Anne Magnan-Park (ESL Director) at
OISS and the ESL Program wish you a productive and enriching semester.