Immigrant students currently residing in the South Bend area may take the IUSB Interim Placement Examination.

The Interim Placement Exam is scheduled on an as-needed basis. The next available interim placement examination date will be sent to you if you qualify to take it.

Click here for a sample prompt from an Interim Placement Examination.


The Interim Entrance Exam is designed to determine whether non-native speakers of English are linguistically prepared for university work. The test is one of several factors which lead to a decision regarding whether students may be admitted to IU South Bend. Students will be placed into ESL support course(s) if they need more instruction. Students who are ready to enter a degree program may be exempt from additional instruction.

Practical information

The Interim Entrance Exam is given on the IU South Bend campus throughout the year. For details about the test dates, please call the Office of International Student Services at (574) 520-4419. There is no fee for the test, but there is a fee when applying for admission to IU South Bend.

Interim Entrance Exam

The Interim Entrance Exam has two parts, both of which are given on the same day. The written exam measures academic reading and writing. Students write an essay in response to the ideas in a reading (a few paragraphs) from a university textbook. See the sample prompt and essay below. Please also refer to the First Year Writing Program goals ( Students have 75 minutes to read the paragraphs, then plan, write and proofread an essay. The readings contain topics to which everyone can relate. Dictionaries are permitted. The student should bring a pen/pencil and may also wish to bring a watch in order to monitor time. The second placement exam is a brief oral interview. Students converse with an interviewer for about 10 minutes about a topic with which the students are familiar. The interviewer may ask questions or make comments during the conversation.

Test results

Exam results are forwarded to the office of International Student Services (OISS). OISS staff determines whether the student may be admitted and contacts the student by email or regular mail.

For further explanation of test policies and procedures, the evaluation criteria, and the support courses offered in the ESL Program at IU South Bend, please contact: Shawn Nichols-Boyle, ESL Director,