Parking Fees

Full Time Faculty & Appointed Staff:

Full-time faculty or staff employed by the University in another capacity are required to pay the parking fee commensurate with their full-time position.

SALARY PER YR 12 mo 10 mo.
$0 - $29,999
$171.60 $14.30 $17.16
$30,000-$39,999 $242.00  $20.17   $24.20
$40,000-$54,999 $275.90 $22.99    $27.59
$55,000-$74,999 $414.50  $34.54  $41.45
$75,000 +     $515.50  $42.96  $51.55

  Associate Faculty:  $5.70 per hr of teaching

 Hourly:             $12.00 per month

 Full-time faculty, staff and hourly employees may use payroll deduction.  The parking fee will be deducted from your paycheck once a month until you request it be stopped.  Associate faculty must pay to renew their permit every semester.

 Daily visitor fee: $2.00


The student parking permit fee for the 2014-2015 academic year is $5.70 per credit hour or contact hour.  Students who are not going to school in the summer, but are working part-time at IU South Bend may have their student permit validated for $12.00 a month. For those working full-time, the cost is $14.30 a month.  Student financial aid funds are applied to parking fees unless the student notifies the cashier’s office not to do so.


Parking passes for continuing students are automatically updated when the parking permit option is chosen during the registration process.

 It is the student’s responsibility to check their  bursar account on “One Start” to make sure it shows a charge for “parking permit.” If you want parking, but your bursar account does not show a charge for a parking permit contact the Parking Services department.

 Check your e-mail: From time to time parking information will be disseminated electronically. E-mail is the official means of communication for students, faculty and staff.