All persons using University parking facilities must display a current IU South Bend parking permit.  Students enrolled in classes in both Elkhart and South Bend who select parking will be charged for all credit hours for which they are enrolled. Parking permits are issued to the individual for the life of the permit. Permits cannot be exchanged, bought, sold or transferred between persons.

Permit designations and eligibility

“A” Permits
Eligibility:  faculty, staff
Authorized Parking: designated “A” or “D” parking areas.

 “D” Permits
Eligibility: students
Authorized Parking: designated “D” parking area.

 “R” Permits
Eligibility: students
Authorized Parking: residential parking areas at all times,"D" parking areas between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

 “H” Permits- Disabled Permits
Eligibility: faculty, staff, student with a physical disability that is documented by state permit.
Authorized Parking: any disabled parking space or  designated “A” or “D” parking area.
All vehicles parked in disabled spaces must display an IU South Bend disabled parking permit. Parking Services will issue a two week temporary disabled permit to allow applicants time to visit a physician. Upon written documentation from a physician, parking services will extend the issuance of a temporary campus disabled permit for up to 30 days. If the disabled permit is required for more than 30 days, the applicant must obtain state certification for a disabled permit within the 30 day time period.

 Motorcycle Permit
Motorcycles are subject to the same regulations as other vehicles and must park either in a space provided for cars, or on the pad at the southwest corner of the upper Northside lot. Motorcycle owners who have a permit for their car may purchase a motorcycle permit for an additional $1.00.

Service Permit
Eligibility: University department employees who provide service functions to several buildings on campus.
Authorized Parking: designated service parking areas.

Vendor Permits
Eligibility: company personnel who service equipment on campus.
Authorized Parking: designated service parking areas.

Continuing Studies Permits
Eligibility: student enrolled in Continuing Studies class.
Authorized Parking: designated “D” parking areas.

Contractor Permits
Eligibility: foreman, inspectors or subcontractors.
Authorized Parking: on-site as specified by Parking Services.

Volunteer Permits
Eligibility: not affiliated with the University in a paid position. Verification from school or department representative where volunteer work is being done is required.
Authorized Parking: location and times as determined by Parking Services.

The Language Company Permits
Eligibility: students attending The Language Company
Authorized Parking: designated “D” parking areas.

Student Activity Center Student Summer Permit
Eligibility: students not taking summer classes, but using the Student Activity Center during the summer.
Authorized Parking: designated “D” parking areas.

Student Activity Center (SAC) Permit
Eligibility: SAC members who are not students or employees.
Authorized Parking: determined by Parking Services.