Parking regulations are internal administrative regulations and do not replace state laws or municipal ordinances.

Failure to pay citations will result in the revocation of parking privileges. Once parking privileges are revoked vehicles parked on university property will be towed. Vehicles will also be towed whenever six unpaid tickets are accumulated. Vehicles parked in disabled spaces without a proper disabled permit or license plate, or parked in other no parking zones are subject to tow on the first offense.

The person in whose name a permit is issued is responsible for all violations received on any car displaying that permit. 

 No valid permit displayed: permit required in ALL permit lots. 

Improper Display of Permit: only current, valid permits may be displayed; permit must be hung from rear view mirror post or clearly visible in the upper center of the windshield.  If the vehicle does not have a rear view mirror, the permit must be clearly displayed on the driver’s side of the vehicle dashboard.

Faculty Staff Area Violation: “ST” permit parking in designated “EM” lot.

Expired Meter:  any vehicle parking at a meter must pay the meter whether or not the vehicle displays a parking permit. Meters are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Permits are NOT valid at meters.

Line Straddling:  any vehicle parking across lines in designated spaces. Taking up more than one parking space or prohibiting use of the adjacent space by another vehicle.

Parking in Posted or Marked Areas: no parking zones, yellow curbs, fire hydrant or fire lane, yellow hash marked areas, crosswalk, blocking a drive or another vehicle, tow zone.

Stolen Permit:  Displaying a counterfeit permit, altered permit, fraudulently obtained permit (person does not qualify for the permit), or permit reported lost or stolen.

Handicapped Violation:  Parking in a disabled space without an “D” permit, disabled placard or disabled license plate issued to the driver/occupant of the vehicle.



Parking citations may be appealed. Appeals must be filed in writing within 14 days of the date of the citation. Written explanations, photos, or other supporting documents should be attached.

The Parking Committee consisting of an independent group of faculty, staff and students meet monthly throughout the school year to review appeals. Notification of the meeting is made to all those who indicate on their appeal form that they would like to make their appeal in person. If the person does not appear the committee will make its decision based on the written appeal. The committee will either uphold the citation or grant the appeal. Written notification will be sent by Parking Services within one week.

The decision of the Parking Committee is final.