Public Observing Schedule and Updates

Status Update for next MTS:  Forecast looks great! Read below, though, about a change in location from the Greenlawn site to the top of the Wiekamp parking garage.

Chancellor Allison, Dean Dunn, and Professors Hinnefeld and Scott in the IUSB Observatory IUSB Observatory at Night Professor Hinnefeld Controlling Robotic Mount

Please join us for the next Meet the Stars event at the IU South Bend observatory:

  • Date: Friday, Sept. 2  -- "Amateur Astronomy for Beginners" -- Members of the Michiana Astronomical Society will be on campus to lead workshops on using personal telescopes, reading star maps, and locating objects in the sky.
  • Meeting Time: 7:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
  • Meeting Location: Changed! -- Top level of the parking garage just east of Wiekamp Hall

We'll stay closer to the ground for this event, and use telescopes that attendees bring themselves.  We'll also bring out one or two of our 8" telescopes, and the  MAS folks will probably bring a 'scope or two, as well.  Before coming, please be sure to check the top of this page for status updates in case we need to cancel.

Planned Viewing Objects:  Saturn, Mars, star clusters?, double stars?, ???

This is a public event, and all are welcome!

Previous MTS Events:
  • 2016: Aug. 22 (Saturn, Mars, Great Cluster in Hercules [M13], Wild Duck Cluster [M11], Ring Nebula [M57]); July 22 (Jupiter, Saturn, M13, M57); Apr. 13 (Moon, Jupiter);  
  • 2015: Sept. 27 (Full Eclipse of Harvest Moon); June 30 (Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus)
  • 2014: Aug. 28; July 25; June 26

Map of meeting location