Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday seasons are full of fun and increased fire hazards. Temporary lights, candles, decorations, and the heating season combine to increase the danger of property damage and loss of life.


Non-combustible and flame retardant decorations are preferred. Decorations may be flammable if they do not exceed five percent of the wall area and do not create a fire hazard. Exit doors, exit lights, fire alarm stations, and fire extinguishers shall not be concealed or obstructed.

Open Flames

Use of open flame is prohibited in all areas. Contact Safety and Security at 4499 for possible exceptions.


Decorative lights shall be listed or labeled by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. Replace sets that have loose connections and frayed cords. Do not run cords under rugs or constrict plugs behind furniture. Do not put lights on metal trees. Turn lights off when the building is vacated.


Live trees are prohibited.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are prohibited.