Political Science

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For more information about becoming a Political Science major, please contact department chair Steven Gerencser.

Courses offered by the Department of Political Science introduce students to the study of government and politics, including an understanding of public affairs, different political systems and political ideas. Our program intends to educate citizens who can think critically about politics and its place in their lives and in society; to provide a general liberal-arts education for students continuing on to a wide variety of careers, including public service; and to help prepare those students who choose to continue on to graduate school or law school.  Through their coursework, our students also come to understand some of the ways in which political scientists study politics, and they learn to express themselves cogently in writing and orally. The department offers both graduate and undergraduate programs.

  The Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (BSPA), previously offered by the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, is no longer being offered on the IU South Bend campus.  No new students will be admitted into the program or allowed to change their major to public affairs from this point forward.  This change will not affect currently enrolled BSPA students, however, who will able to graduate with a BSPA degree.  If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Steven Gerencser, Chair of the Political Science Department (574/520-4514

General inquiries about the department may be directed to the Departmental Assistant, Teresa Andrade,  by calling (574) 520-4334.  

Faxes for department members should be sent to (574) 520-5208.

Poli Sci Image

IU South Bend students (from left), Daniela Gonzalez and Naomi Tankersley,
taking a break from their studies in Antwerp, Belgium, while attending the
department's Study Abroad Program in Europe.