Political Science
Neovi Karakatsanis

Neovi Karakatsanis

2185 Wiekamp Hall
(574) 520-4861

Research Interests:

Comparative politics: Southern Europe/Greece, transitions to democracy and comparative public policy.

Courses Taught:

Principles of Political Science
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Introduction to International Relations
West European Politics
European Integration
Democratic Revolutions: Transitions to Democracy
International Political Economy
The Politics of Immigration
Comparative Public Policy

Principal Publications:

“Political Learning as a Catalyst of Moderation: Lessons from Democratic Consolidation in Greece,” Democratization, 15 (2008).

“Attitudes toward the Xeno: Greece in Comparative Perspective,” (with Jonathan Swarts), Mediterranean Quarterly: A Journal of Global Issues, 18: 1 (Winter 2007).

“Social Policy, Democracy and Citizenship in Southern Europe” (with Marisol García). Commissioned and refereed in Richard Gunther, P. Nikiforos Diamandouros, and Gianfranco Pasquino, eds. Changing Functions of the State in the New Southern Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2006).

“Female, Barbarian and Slave: Migrant Women in Modern Greece” (with Jonathan Swarts). Classical Bulletin (2004).

“Migrant Women, Domestic Work and the Sex Trade in Greece—A Snapshot of Migrant Policy in the Making” (with Jonathan Swarts). Epitheorese Koinonikon Ereunon [The Greek Review of Social Research] 110 (2003).

The Politics of Elite Transformation: The Consolidation of Greek Democracy in Theoretical Perspective. Westport, CT: Praeger (2001).

"Relying on Stop-gap Measures: Coping with Unemployment in Greece." Southern European Society and Politics 4.3 (Winter 1999). Also reprinted in Nancy Bermeo, ed. Unemployment in Southern Europe: Coping with the Consequences. London: Frank Cass (2000).

"Do Attitudes Matter? The Military and Democratic Consolidation in Greece. " Armed Forces and Society 24.2 (Winter 1997).


Journal of Political and Military Sociology, Co-editor.

Journal of Modern Greek Studies, Book Review Co-editor.