Political Science

Full-Time Faculty

Elizabeth Bennion
Associate Professor
Wiekamp 2181
(574) 520-4128  
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 2001.
American politics, parties and interest groups, public opinion and political participation, race and gender politics, campaigns and elections.  
Linda Chen,
Associate Vice Chancellor
 for Academic Affairs
Wiekamp 2173
(574) 520-4520  
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1988.
Latin American politics, comparative politics, women and politics. 

Steven Gerencser,
Department Chair
Associate Professor
Wiekamp 2189
(574) 520-4514  

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1996.
Political theory, history of political thought, democratic theory, corporate citizenship and civil society.

Neovi Karakatsanis
Wiekamp 2183 
(574) 520-4861  
Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1996.
European politics, comparative politics, international relations, international political economy. 

Bruce McDonald,
MPA Director
Assiatnt Professor
Wiekamp 2171
(574) 520-4136  

Ph.D., Florida State University, 2011
Public Administration and Policy.
Gabriel Popescu
Associate Professor
Wiekamp 2177
(574) 520-4147
Ph.D., Florida State University, 2006.
Political Geography, Critical Geopolitics, Boundaries and Cross-Border Regionalization, State Reterritorialization, Diasporas and Transnationalism, Central and Eastern Europe.
James Smith
Assistant Professor
Wiekamp 2179
(574) 520-4817
Ph.D., University of Illinois-Chicago, 2010.
Urban politics, economic development, institutions of local government and Chicago politics.

Visiting Faculty 

Sungkyu Jang
Visiting Professor
Wiekamp 2169
(574) 520-4178

Ph.D., Florida State University, 2012.

Public Finance and Health Poliicy

Ph.D., Florida State University, 2013. 

Public and Non-Profit Management

Part-Time Faculty 

Douglas Ansel
Adjunct Lecturer
Wiekamp 2213
(574) 520-4659

ABD, University of  Notre Dame

Comparative Politics, International Relations

Carlos Lisoni
Adjunct Lecturer
Wiekamp 2213
(574) 520-4659

Ph.D. University of Notre Dame, 2012.
Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics.

Thomas T. Spencer
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Wiekamp 2188
(574) 520-4334
Ph.D. University of Notre Dame, 1976.
American History, the Supreme Court.

Tom Sutula
Adjunct Lecturer
(574) 520-4334

J.D., University of Notre Dame, 1979.
M.D., Indiana University Purdue University, 1986.
Health services delivery and management.

Jonathan Watson
Adjunct Lecturer
(574) 520-4657
J.D., Catholic University of America, 2005.