Recommended Courses for All Students Interested in Law School

The following course suggestions are intended to help prelaw students develop the requisite skills and knowledge necessary for a sound law school foundation.  It is recommended that students select from among these courses as they meet their general education, major, minor and elective requirements.

Critical Thinking, Reasoning and Logic

HPSC-X 200 Scientific Reasoning
HPSC-X 201 Nature of Scientific Inquiry
HPSC-X 220 Issues in Science: Humanistic

HPSC-X 303 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science

HPSC-X 336 Religion and Science

PHIL-P 105 Thinking and Reasoning

PHIL-P 110 Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL-P 150 Elementary Logic

PHIL-P 250 Introductory Symbolic Logic

POLS-Y 201 Controversies in U.S. Politics (replaces Y 100)

PSY-P 211 Methods of Experimental Psychology


CJUS-P 330 Criminal Justice Ethics
PHIL-P 340 Classics in Ethics

PHIL-P 341 Ethical Classics 2

PHIL-P 342 Problems of Ethics

Writing Skills

ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition

ENG-W140 Honors Elem Composition

ENG-W 233, Expository Writing
Other courses from the Schedule of Classes fulfilling the Level 2 Writing requirement

Oral Communication/Argumentation

SPCH-S 121 Public Speaking
SPCH-S 228 Argumentation and Debate

Law Courses

In addition to receiving a minor in Paralegal Studies, the following courses also provide students with a sound introduction to various areas of law

BUS-L 203 Commercial Law 1
BUS-L 303 Commercial Law 2
CJUS-P 315 Corrections and Constitutional Law
CJUS-P 370 Criminal Law
JOUR-J 300, Communications Law
LSTU-L 200 Survey of Employment Law
LSTU-L 201 Labor Law
POLS-Y 304, American Constitutional Law
POLS-Y 396, Law and Public Affairs


BUS-A 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUS-A 311 Intermediate Accounting I

BUS-A 312 Intermediate Accounting II