Possible Political Science Pre-law Curriculum

In addition to fulfilling their general education requirements by selecting courses from those recommended for all students interested in law school, Political Science majors may also wish to enroll in the following recommended courses, which fulfill major requirements:


Introductory Level Courses (9 hours)

Y103, Intro to American
Y120, Public Affairs
Either Y107, Intro to Comparative, or Y109, Intro to International Relations

Any one course in Political Theory (3 hours)

Y381, History of Political Thought I
Y382, History of Political Theory II
Y383, American Political Ideas I

Law-Related Courses (6 hours)

Y304, American Constitutional Law
Y396, Law and Public Affairs

Courses in American National Institutions (9 hours)

Y380, The American Supreme Court
Y318, American Presidency
Y319, U.S. Congress
Y301, Political Parties and Interest Groups

Additional Courses for those interested in pursuing International Law (6 hours)

Y107, Comparative Politics,
Y109, International Relations
Or any other two courses in Comparative and International Relations