Political Science

Political Science Major, D. Robin Beck (right), 2008-09 Student Leader of the Year.

Majors’ Awards

The Department of Political Science confers two awards to students annually, the Political Science Excellence Award, for academic achievement, and the John M. Lewis Award for Civic Engagement.  Many of our majors have also been honored with a variety of other awards and scholarships, including the Chancellor’s Honors Scholarship, the Dean’s Scholarship for the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Phi Beta Delta International Honors Society, and Who’s Who.  Many have also received first, second and third place awards for their participation in the Midwest Model EU.

Recent Political Science Excellence Award Recipients
Branden Herron, 2010-2011
Joelle Clemons, 2009-10
Deborah Matthews, 2008-09
Justin Kizer, 2007-08
Aliina Kuismi, 2006-07
Laura Roach, 2005-06
Laura Roach, 2004-05
Maria Nakis, 2003-04
Kerri White, 2002-03

Recent Master of Public Affairs Excellence Award Recipients
Olivia Critchlow, 2010-2011
Julia Beam, 2009-10

Recent John M. Lewis Award for Civic Engagement Recipients
Hannah Dill, 2010-2011
Angela Johnson, 2009-10
Caitlin Worm, 2008-09
D. Robin Beck, 2007-08
Francisco Fotia, 2006-07
Valerie Berezner, 2005-06
Valerie Berezner, 2004-05

2011 Pi Alpha Alpha Inductees
Caitlin Bathon
Olivia Critchlow
Reuben Kangethe
Dawit Kebede
Brad McLeish
Shelley Murphy
Michele Zachary

2010 Pi Alpha Alpha Inductees
Linda Barrett
Julia Beam
Christian Brown
Amy Griffin
Christina Guthrie
Annabell Roeder

2011 Pi Sigma Alpha Inductees
Heather Cain
Angela Cormican
Branden Herron
Angela Johnson
Tamara Kampondeni
Joshua Law
Nathan Payne
Brandon Rickey

2010 Pi Sigma Alpha Inductees
Jonathan Anderstrom
Andrea Benassi
Asa Ennis
Robin Forsythe
Kevin Karnes
Samuel Stuck
Caitlin Worm

2009 Pi Alpha Alpha Inductees
Jill Boerstler
Robert Harnage
Jeff Johnston
Angela Rupchock-Schafer
Alisa Zornig

2009 Pi Sigma Alpha Inductees
Audrey Balint
D. Robin Beck
Joelle Clemons
Justin Kizer
Deborah Matthews
Joseph Pinter
Joseph Reimers
Carl Ross-Works
Kyle Sheley
Jason Speraw
Grace Wanja