Political Science

Midwest Model European Union

Some of our students have participated in the Midwest Model European Union, a three-day simulation of key European Union Institutions at Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis.  The simulation allows students a more thorough, hands-on understanding of European Union institutions and legislative processes.  At the simulation, students are also given opportunities to debate policy proposals they have written and submitted to the “EU Secretariat.” In addition to IU South Bend, other participating schools include Ball State, Butler University, Iowas State, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis; Rose-Hulman, University of Indianapolis, University of Missouri-St. Louis, University of Wisconsin Parkside, DePauw, Indiana University Bloomington, Western Michigan, and others.

Teams from IU South Bend have represented the countries of Ireland, Greece, Latvia, Cyprus, and Bulgaria at the simulation and have often been recognized for their work. In 2001 and 2005 IUSB students brought home the award for “Best Delegation.”  Individual students have also received awards for their contributions, including four first-place awards, six second-place, and eight third-place awards.  In addition, the 2004 team came in fourth overall and the 2007 team third overall. 

Past IU South Bend Midwest Model European Union Teams

2007: Allison Dowell, Anthony Fanno, Colin Flora, Summer Hathaway, Kimberley Muncie, Thomas Njuguna, Andrea Pauwels, and Heather Scholine. One student took second place, two placed third, and the IUSB team came in 3rd place overall. 

2005: Jesse E. Bohannon, Amanda Griffin, Ryan Hill, Tracy Huddlestun, John Leland, Jihád Omar, Wayne Purucker, Laura Reiniche, Steven Turner, Jim Segars and Derek Webb. This IUSB team of students received the “Best Delegation” award at the conference.  Several students also received first and second place awards.

2004: Douglas Briones, Drew Chelminiak, Joan Dzingai, Melissa Harrison, Mark Honer, Tonya Lambert, Grant Masson, Angie Peters, Wayne Purucker, Margaret Shutske and Debbie Snyder. One student took first place, a second placed third, and two others won second place for their roles.  In addition, one of the two IU South Bend teams came in 4th place overall. 

2002: Khalil Azar,, Brad McLeish, Aaron Bradford, Ryan Hill, Katherine Williams, Craig Schrimsher, Matt Parker, Michael Drain, Artemis Vasiliades, Kerri White, Chris Peters, Rachel Sapen, Heidi G. Jaworski, Joe Wolf and Sean Schoch. One student received a second place award for his contribution.

2001: Ian Alford, Jonathan Bove, Katherine J. Butler, Christopher A. Jozwiak, Paul McGinty, Stephanie Ness, Alison Niedbalski, Raymond Patnaude, and Seth Perdew. This team of students received the “Best Delegation” award.  Several students also received individual first, second and third place awards.

2000: Todd Bressler, Jennifer Crothers, Susan Palm, Jenny Piasecki, Vincent Poczik, Jennifer Kiszka and Carlin Yoder. One student received a second place award for her contribution.