Political Science

Major Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science               

The requirements for the B.A. degree with a major in political science are: 

30 hours of political science courses, including:

no more than 9 hours at the 100 level

at least one course from three of the four following areas: American politics, comparative/international politics, political theory, public administration

Y490, Senior Seminar in Political Science (offered every spring semester)

Completion of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences general education requirements (see IUSB Bulletin)

Minor Requirements

The requirements for the Minor in political science are:

at least 15 hours in political science courses, including  no more than 6 credit hours at the 100 level


For more information on our undergraduate program, see the current IUSB Bulletin or consult the chair of the department, Dr. Neovi Karakatsanis, or any member of the department faculty.

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PLEASE NOTE:  The Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (BSPA), previously offered by the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, is no longer being offered on the IU South Bend campus.  No new students will be admitted into the program or allowed to change their major to public affairs from this point forward.  This change will not affect currently enrolled BSPA students, however, who will able to graduate with a BSPA degree.  If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Neovi Karakatsanis, chair of the Political Science Department.