this is a photo of a graduation medal at IU South Bend commencement

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to go to college is a big decision. You have a lot of questions as you explore schools and consider your options. Following is a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions about IU South Bend.

Why should I attend IU South Bend?

If you choose to study and graduate from IU South Bend, your reward is an Indiana University diploma – a degree that is recognized worldwide. Classes are small, so you get the personal attention you need for success in college and in life. You are taught by professors who have the highest degrees in their field and they know your name. IU South Bend is also affordable and close to home. Upon graduation, you benefit from being a member of the IU alumni network, which is active and influential in communities here and across the country.

How large is the campus?

Enrollment and facilities are often considerations in choosing a college. You should feel comfortable on your college campus. IU South Bend has approximately 7,400 undergraduate and graduate students and offers more than 100 different majors. The campus has 10 buildings on 80 beautiful acres along the St. Joseph River.

What about campus life?

Student life on campus includes the performing arts, clubs and organizations, opportunities to participate in international programs, student government, the student newspaper, athletics, and intramural sports. Men’s and women’s basketball teams compete in NAIA Division I and the Student Activities Center is the hub for sports, recreation, and student fun.

What is campus housing like?

River Crossing Campus Apartments at IU South Bend are furnished and come equipped with modern kitchens. So, leave the mini-fridge and futon at home. And if that isn’t enough, rent includes utilities, an outdoor patio or balcony, cable TV, Internet and 24 hour security. Students can choose from one, two, and four bedroom apartment-style units. The community center is a unique benefit to living in housing. The center is a place to relax, study, gather with friends, and participate in social and academic functions. The building is equipped with wireless Internet. It also houses study areas, an exercise room, a big screen television, mailroom, laundry facilities, and a front desk where you can check out games, vacuums, and other equipment.

Will I be comfortable and safe on the IU South Bend campus?

One of the advantages of a smaller campus is the ability to provide a safe and secure learning environment. IU South Bend has 24 hour police security protection, free escort services, emergency telephones, and lighted sidewalks, streets, and parking areas.

How large are the classes at IU South Bend?

Undergraduate classes average 14 students per class. Our small class sizes enable your professors to know who you are and to better help you achieve success. Many courses include small discussion groups and/or labs for more personal attention.

Is the student population diverse?

IU South Bend is home to more than 200 international students from 59 countries. There are many different religions, ethnic backgrounds, and political persuasions represented in our student body. The faculty also reflect an international spirit, with 37 members from 21 countries. Whatever your values and ideals, you will find others who share them. The university promotes diversity and informs students about other cultures through lectures, films, seminars, festivals, and music.

Does IU South Bend help students with disabilities?

IU South Bend has support services, accommodations, and equipment to aid students with learning or physical disabilities. This includes tutors, interpreters for the deaf, test accommodations, and adaptive computer technology.

How will IU South Bend help me succeed in college?

We start with a comprehensive, one-day New Student Orientation and registration program. The university also offers a variety of support services, including counseling, tutoring, internship programs, and career planning services. IU South Bend will help you get involved in the events and issues you are interested in; arrange for help with academics, financial aid, or career counseling; and help with any questions or issues that arise during your university experience.

What if I am undecided on a major, is this a problem?

No. Because most students have not been exposed to the 100 different undergraduate majors available at IU South Bend, we encourage them to explore our diverse offerings. Students who have yet to choose a major start out in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences where they take general education courses prior to choosing a major. The Career Services Office works closely with the students to help them make informed decisions.

Can freshmen be admitted directly into a major?

Yes. Several IU South Bend programs admit freshmen directly into their department or school.

Are there part-time job opportunities for students at IU South Bend?

Yes. The Career Services Office assists students in locating jobs on campus throughout the year. The office maintains a database of available on-campus hourly and work-study positions.

Will the university help me find an internship?

The university will help you find an internship that matches your objectives. The Career Services Office connects you with internships that are full- or part-time, paid or unpaid, on campus or off; some for college credit.

How does IU South Bend help students find jobs after graduation?

The Office of Career Services works with students to help them formulate employment search strategies. In the spring, the Career Services Office hosts an annual job fair where employers from the region recruit students for internships, professional entry-level positions, and summer and part-time opportunities. Additionally, employers come to campus and interview students for professional entry-level positions during the fall and spring semesters. The career services staff offer individual career counseling, workshops, and seminars on resume writing, interviewing, and creating effective job search strategies.