Professional Staff Council

The IU South Bend Professional Staff Council gives professional staff members a voice on campus by providing representative participation in university affairs. Professional Staff Council consists of three elected officers and representatives elected from several zones on campus.


Professional Staff Council standing committees:

  1. The Election Committee supervises the process of nomination and election to the Professional Staff Council, and declares the results of the election.
  2. The Professional Advisors Committee: In support of the NACADA, the National Academic Advisory Association.
  3. The Social Events Committee organizes gatherings of the Professional Staff for holiday parties and special events.

IU South Bend Professional Staff Council works for professional staff by:

  • Submitting formal proposals to the IU South Bend Chancellor on policies affecting the general welfare of, working conditions of, and services rendered by IU South Bend professional staff
  • Serving as a liaison to exchange information regarding concerns of the professional staff and the IU South Bend administration
  • Encouraging opportunities for continued professional development and growth