Professional Staff Council

Zones—Membership and Leadership

Professional Staff Zones

1 - Academic Advisors 2 - Academic Administration 3 - Administrative Services
  1. Patricia Agbetsiafa, Director of B&E Administration and Student Services
  2. Christine Behrend-Nelson, Academic Advisor, Health Sciences
  3. Michael Butler-Harley, Director, Education Student Services
  4. Karen Christopher, Assistant Director, Student Services, CLAS
  5. Catherine Coleman, Academic Advisor, School of Business, (Zone Leader)
  6. Judith Gawlik, Recruiter, School of Education
  7. Janet Gilroy, Director Student Services, Health Sciences
  8. Trisha Miller, Academic Advisor, LAS
  9. Talandra Neff,
  10. David Ogden, Academic Advisor, Education
  11. Shelly Pass, Academics Operations Manager, School of Nursing
  12. Tamea Rector, Coordinator of Arts Student Services
  13. Darrell Sanders, Academic Advisor, Education
  14. Julie Wells, Academic Advisor, LAS
  15. Lori White, Academic Advisor, Health Sciences (Treasurer)
  16. Tracy White. Academic Advisor/Assistant Director of Graduate Business, School of Business
  1. Steven Bruce, Exec Director of Athletics and Women’s Head Basketball Coach
  2. Cathy Buckman, Asst VC for Enrollment Services
  3. Scott Cooper, Head Men's Basketball Coach and Coordinator of Event Management
  4. Keith Dawson, Registrar
  5. James Hasse, Director, Disabled Student Services
  6. Thomas Norris, Assistant Director, Athletics & Activities
  7. Jamie Ashmore, Head Women's Volleyball Coach
  8. R. Lee Streby, Academic Affairs Grants Writer
  9. Scott Strittmatter, Director of Student Life Programs
  10. Karen White, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
  11. Laura Whitney, Director, Office of Student Conduct
  12. Erika Zynda, Contracts and Grants Coordinator
  1. Susie Bendy, Auxillary Accountant
  2. Dennis Bernth, Sergeant of Campus Police
  3. Morris De Geyter, Lieutenant of Campus Police
  4. Ricky Ganaishlal, Director of Housing and Residence Life
  5. Judy Houston, Assistant Bursar
  6. Andrew Krouse, Asst Director of Facilities Management
  7. Frances Lanciotti, Budget Analyst
  8. Linda Lucas, Bursar
  9. Nicole Micolichek, Residence Coordinator (zone leader)
  10. Loni Oehlwein, Asst. Director of Student Housing and Residential Life
  11. Kathleen Pizana, Director of Accounting Services
  12. Michael Prater, Director of Facilities Management
  13. Rebecca Rankin, Fiscal Officer for Facilities Management
  14. Debbie Richards, Director of Purchasing and Contracts
  15. Tom Westerhof,  Purchasing Contract Manager
4 - Information Technology 5 - University Affairs 6 - Academic Services
  1. Kevin Ahlgrim, Manager, Telecommunication System
  2. Gary Allison, Applications Support Consultant
  3. Sue Baker, Manager, Support Center
  4. Gary Browning, Director, Web Technical Services
  5. Jake DePoy, Systems Support Consultant
  6. Andy Evans, Applications Support Consultant
  7. Daniel Finch, Systems Support Consultant
  8. Michael Fletcher, Director, Micro Computer & Hardware Support
  9. Joe Haase, Collaborative Tech Consultant
  10. Rebecca Hartman,Applications Support Consultant
  11. Johnathan Howell, Classroom Technical Consultant
  12. Joel Langston, Manager, Media Services, (Zone Leader)
  13. Phil Mikulak, Director, Telecom and Infrastructure
  14. Dan O'Bryant, Web Development Consultant
  15. Kyle Paulk, Applications Support Consultant
  16. George Quinton, Hardware Specialist/Consultant
  17. Craig Schroeder, Operations Programmer
  18. Paul Sharpe, IT Executive Director, and Director of User Support
  19. Dorothea Solymosi, Manager, Operations and Database Support
  20. Jeff Stahl, Senior Manager, Systems Administration
  21. Phil Suphal, Applications Support Consultant
  22. Jason Sykes, Manager, Classroom Technology
  23. Kathleen Weidner, Manager, UITS Project and Communications
  24. Jim Yocom, Director, Instructional Media Services
  1. Ken Baierl, Director of Communications and Marketing
  2. Kelly Eberhart, Director, Alumni Affairs and Campus Ceremonies
  3. Tiffany Goehring, Graphic Design Manager
  4. Dina Harris, Director of Development
  5. Michael Mancini, Program Manager, Extended Learning
  6. Katrina Smith, Graphic Designer (Zone Leader)
  7. Biniam Tesfamariam, Institutional Research and Effectiveness Officer
  8. Ilene Sheffer, Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs and University Advancement
  9. Allison Smith, Digital Marketing Specialist
  10. Gale Wood-Ward, Administrative Operations Manager, Off Campus Programs
  1. Edward Behnke, Research Engineer, Physics & Astronomy
  2. Marianne Bishop, Director, Center for Distance Education
  3. Alexander Blatt, Resident Stage Manager
  4. Gregory Demetrakis, Technical Director
  5. Moira Dyczko, Production Coordinator, Arts
  6. Connie Fox, Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor
  7. Michael Franz, Biology Lab Supervisor
  8. Angela Huff, Library Business Operations Manager, (Secretary)
  9. William Keeler, Computer Science Laboratory Supervisor
  10. Maureen Kennedy, Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
  11. Kimberly Parker, Supervisor of Education Resource Commons (Zone Leader)
  12. Amy Pawlosky, Distance Education and Technology Specialist
  13. Katherin Plodowski, Library Circulation Supervisor
  14. Mary Anna Violi, Director of Advanced College Project
  15. Firm Faith Watson, Instructional Designer, UCET

7 - Student Support


  1. Rick Dennie, Director of Student Support, (Co-President)
  2. Anne Drake, Learning Disabilities Specialist
  3. Michelle Hairston, 21st Century Scholars Coordinator
  4. Virginia Heidemann, Director for Academic Centers for Excellence
  5. Tamika Johnson, Student Services Specialist & VA/International Admissions Officer
  6. Kofi Barko, Success Coach, Titan Success Center
  7. Erin Brown, Success Coach, Titan Success center
  8. Tabitha Kingsbury, Admissions Counselor
  9. Cyndi Lang, Associate Director of Financial Aid/Student Scholarships
  10. Teri Langel, Assistant Registrar
  11. Ezella McPherson, Director, Titan Success Center
  12. Kathy Miller, Financial Aid Administrator and Data Specialist
  13. Kimberly Moore, Internship Employer Counselor
  14. Araceli Lepe Moreno, ABC Program Transfer Specialist
  15. Cynthia Murphy-Wardlow, Counselor, Making the Academic Connection
  16. Scott Myers, Manager, Gateway Information and Call Center (Zone Leader)
  17. Lezlie Ontiveros, Counselor, Making the Academic Connection 
  18. Constance Peterson-Miller, Director of Admissions
  19. Joseph Roth, Counselor/Coordinator Diversity
  20. Chelsea Crow, Admissions Counselor
  21. Koren Scott, Financial Aid Counselor
  22. Cheryl Stuart, Financial Aid Administrator
  23. Christine Weingart, Admissions Counselor

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