Catherine Borshuk, Ph.D. (Carleton University, 2000). Office: DW 2155. Phone: 574-520- 4122. Associate Professor, Social Psychologist. IUSB faculty member since 2000. Research interests are the social psychology of intergroup relations, prejudice, the psychology of women (especially domestic violence), and theories of pedagogy.

Dé Bryant, Ph.D. (Michigan State University, 1990). Office: DW 2157. Professor & Director of the Social Action Project. Community Psychologist. IUSB faculty member since 1990. Research objectives are "to develop and replicate arts-based models for community building and empowerment; to create psychological assessment tools sensitive to differences caused by race, gender, and class inequities; and to establish university-community partnerships to bring about social justice." Other interests: international service-learning, qualitative research methodologies, interfaith initiatives in social justice.

Frank Fujita, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1994). Office: DW 2161. Phone: 574-520-5593. Professor of Psychology. Social/Personality Psychologist. IUSB faculty member since 1994. Research interests include social comparison, emotion, subjective well-being, and social desirability.

Richard W. Hubbard, Ph.D. (University of Notre Dame, 1979). Office: DW 2129. Phone: 574- 520-4512. Associate Professor. Clinical Psychologist. IUSB faculty member since 1991. Research interests include health psychology, pain management, risk factor reduction and ethnic differences, and mental health and aging, especially alcohol and aging.

Igor Juricevic, Ph.D  (University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 2006).  Office: DW 2163.   Phone: 574-520-4285.  Assistant Professor and faculty mento for Psi Chi.  Experimental Psychologist.  IU South Bend faculty member since 2010.

Kevin Ladd, Ph.D. (University of Denver, 2000). Office: DW 2159. Phone: 574-520-5505. Associate Professor. Social Psychologist. IUSB faculty member since 2001. Research interests include the interface of science & religion, prayer, wisdom, music, ritual, health, coping, prejudice, psychometrics, physiology, neuroimaging, synesthesia, spiritual transformation, character development, personality, clergy & congregational performance/satisfaction, magic.

John L. McIntosh, Ph.D. (University of Notre Dame, 1980). Office: AI 246G. Phone: 574- 520-4343. ssociate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Professor of Psychology. Developmental Psychologist, Geropsychologist and Suicidologist. IUSB faculty member since1979. Research interests include suicide, gerontology, and developmental psychology, survivors of suicide, bereavement.

Gwendolyn Mettetal, Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1982). Office: NS 363. Phone: 574-520-4507. Professor of Psychology (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences) and   Professor of Education (School of Education). Developmental Psychologist. IUSB faculty member since 1989 (Psychology since 2005). Research interests include faculty development issues such   as tenure and promotion, and encouraging the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Kathy Ritchie, Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin, 1992). Office: DW 2135. Phone: 574-520- 4889. Associate Professor. Developmental Psychologist. IUSB faculty member since 1992. Research interests include maternal behaviors and cognitions during discipline episodes; learning and development of parental attitudes and schemas; links between parenting and religiosity; and family and parental bonding and behaviors in the American Family Room.

Dennis Rodriguez, Ph.D. (University of South Carolina, 2004). Office: DW 2131. Phone: 574- 520-4396. Associate Professor. Cognitive Neuroscience and Experimental Psychologist. IUSB faculty member since 2004. Research interests include cognition and neuroscience; the neural bases of attention and attention disorders (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder - ADHD); attachment styles and coping styles.

Carolyn Schult, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 1996). Office: DW 2133. Phone: 574-520-4118. Associate Professor. Developmental Psychologist. IUSB faculty member since 1997. Research interests include cognitive development of preschoolers; children's understandings of beliefs, intentions, and desires; children's representational abilities; and language acquisition.

Laura Talcott, M.A. (Indiana University South Bend, 2001). Office: DW2137 (Psych Lab office: DW2108A). Office Phone: 574-520-4326 (Psych Lab Office Phone: 574-520-4269). Senior Lecturer & Psychology Laboratory Coordinator. IUSB faculty member since 2001 (staff member since 1995). Research interests include childhood cognitive development, particularly theory of mind.