Psychology Department Research

As "the study of human behavior" implies, psychologists use scientific methods and engage in research to investigate human behavior. At IU South Bend, the faculty in psychology involve students in the research process. Undergraduates in psychology have many opportunities to become involved in research under the mentorship of faculty members. This student-faculty collaboration may involve the research program of the individual faculty member, may be an independent research project directed by a faculty member, or may be an investigation conducted as a part of a class or major requirement.

Each year, some students are able to publish their work in journals or present their research at national conferences. The department also presents the James R. Haines Award annually to recognize outstanding research by an undergraduate.

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty-Student Research Teams

Social Action Project - Dr. Dé Bryant
Social Psychology of Religion Team - Dr. Kevin Ladd - Team Picture
Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Team - Dr. Dennis Rodriguez