In an Internship, you work in an applied setting throughout the semester, using what you have learned in your classes. There are two types of internships:

Community Experience. In this option, you work in the community in an agency or business that is related to psychology. For example, you might work at Oaklawn, Logan Center, or Press Ganey. This is excellent experience for students who hope to work in human services, and particularly for those who will be looking for employment soon. Students who excel in their internship often receive strong references or even job offers. For more information on this option, please see the FAQ of Internships, available from your advisor or the from the psychology website.

P495 Professional Practice Program Internship Guidelines

The other internship option is to work as a teaching assistant in the Psychology Lab. You are assigned a particular course (usually a section of P103) and you assist the teacher and students in a variety of ways. You also lead general study session and help with other lab activities. For more information, contact Laura Talcott, Director of the Psych Lab.