Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Major Requirements)

Psychology offers a major in psychology leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as course work leading to the Associate of Arts degree and to a minor in psychology. As a scientific endeavor, psychology seeks to understand the basic principles by which organisms adapt their behavior to the changing physical and social environments in which they live. Psychologists apply their understanding of behavior, thought, and emotion to the improvement of the human condition through education, counseling, and therapy. The breadth of modern psychology is reflected in the diversity of courses offered by the department.

(All courses are 3 cr. hours, unless otherwise designated.)

Requirements (33 cr.)

Select one of the following:
PSY-P 103 General Psychology
PSY-P 106 General Psychology–Honors

All of the following:
PSY-P 211 Methods of Experimental Psychology
PSY-P 354 Statistical Analysis in Psychology
PSY-P 403 Nonexperimental Research Methods in Psychology
PSY-P 459 History and Systems of Psychology

One advanced laboratory:

PSY-P 420 Laboratory in Community Psychology
PSY-P 421 Laboratory in Social Psychology
PSY-P 429 Laboratory in Developmental Psychology
PSY-P 435 Laboratory in Human Learning and Cognition
PSY-P 471 Laboratory in Social & Developmental Psychology
PSY-P 481 Laboratory in Clinical Psychology

Five additional courses, one from each of the four areas listed below, plus one additional PSY-P course other than PSY-P 495 Readings and Research in Psychology.

PSY-P 216 Life Span Developmental Psychology
PSY-P 316 Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence
PSY-P 331 Psychology of Aging

PSY-P 320 Social Psychology
PSY-P 434 Community Psychology

PSY-P 319 The Psychology of Personality
PSY-P 324 Abnormal Psychology

PSY-P 325 The Psychology of Learning
PSY-P 326 Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY-P 329 Sensation and Perception
PSY-P 335 Cognitive Psychology

Any PSY-P, except for P 205 and P 495.

Recommended Courses

Psychology majors and minors are advised to take PSY-P 103 or PSY-P 106 General Psychology as soon as possible since it is the prerequisite for all other psychology courses. (Note: PSY-B 190 and PSY-B 399 Human Behavior and Social Institutions do NOT count toward the psychology major or minor, nor do they substitute for PSY-P 103 General Psychology as a prerequisite for any other psychology courses. It counts as an elective course.) Course work in the physical and biological sciences and a sound foundation in mathematics is advised for psychology majors. Students planning graduate work in psychology are encouraged to become involved in faculty and independent research projects and should discuss their plans for graduate school with a faculty advisor as soon as possible.

A minor in cognitive science is available for students interested in topics such as artificial intelligence, philosophy of the mind, computer science, and cognition.

General Education requirements for B.A. in Psychology (Major)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Major Requirements)
Minor in Psychology
Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (proposed)
Associate of Arts with a Concentration in Psychology

Psychology courses

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