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Radio Addresses & Articles

Psychology faculty have made radio addresses as part of the American Democracy Project on campus. The work of some of the faculty have been the focus of articles in the IU publications Research & Creative Activity, Indiana Alumni Magazine, as well as Research at Indiana University (posted by the Vice Provost of Research), and the IU South Bend Alumni Association's Foundations.

Psychology ADP Radio Addresses Archives:

Borshuk 2005A "International Perspectives" 2005B "Flights of Fantasy"
Bryant 2006 "Living as an Engaged Global Citizen"
Fujita 2005A "Render Unto Caesar" 2005B "No Longer the Final Word"
McIntosh 2005 "Suicide's Legacy: Survivors of Suicide"
Verges 2006 "Billions of Plastic Bags"

Psychology Faculty Highlighted in:

IU Research & Creative Activity Archives:

Ladd 2008 "What We Talk About When We Talk About Prayer" Vol. 30(2), Spring 2008
McIntosh 2001 "Calling it Quits" Vol. 24(2), September 2001

IU South Bend Alumni Association Foundations Archives:

DeBrule and McIntosh 2009 "The Swarm Family Fund: The Study of Severe Mental Illness" Fall 2009, p. 2
Ladd 2008 "The Power of Prayer" Fall 2008, p. 8
Verges 2007 "Paper or Plastic" Spring 2007, p. 5

Indiana Alumni Magazine Archives:

McIntosh 2001 "Finding the Common Thread in Suicide" Vol. 63(5), May/June 2001, p. 31
McIntosh 1993 "Will Suicide Become Epidemic?" Vol. 56(1), September/October 1993, pp. 14-17

Research at Indiana University Archives:

(Posted at the website for the IU Office of the Vice Provost for Research)

DeBrule and McIntosh 2010 "Preventing Suicide"

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