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Scrapbooks & Events Archives

Replacing hardcopy newsletters were dynamically updated scrapbooks of accomplishments, events, etc. that were part of faculty and student life in Psychology at IU South Bend. These scrapbooks have been maintained each semester since Spring 2000. A link to the most recent version of the scrapook is also posted at the left.

Scrapbook Archives:

Spring 2012 Undergraduate Research Conference
Fall 2008
webpage version
Spring 2008
Spring 2008 (January-August) webpage version)
Fall 2007 (July-December)
Spring 2007
Fall 2006 (July-December)
Spring 2006 (January-June)
Fall 2005 (September-December)
Fall 2004 (September-December; Spring 2005 addition)
Spring and Summer 2004 (January-June
Late Summer and Fall 2003
Spring and Early Summer 2003 (January-June)
Late Summer and Fall 2002 (July-December)
Spring and Summer 2002 (January-June)
Late Summer-Fall 2001 (July-November)
Spring 2001 (March-May)
Fall 2000 (September-December)
Spring 2000 (April-August)

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