Leah Hudkins Medical Imaging Technology

Who to Contact

We would be pleased to talk with you in further detail regarding our program and your future in Diagnostic Radiography. Please feel free to contact our office at any time to schedule an appointment.

Pre-Radiography, Pre-Medical Imaging and Pre-Allied Health Majors, Advising information (click on link)

Lori Balmer, Program Director
Northside 407
Phone: (574) 520-4258

Melissa Foster, Department Secretary
Northside 403
Phone: (574) 520-4504


Lori Balmer, Clinical Coordinator/BSMIT Coordinator
Northside 407
Phone: (574) 520-4258

Amy Gretencord, Radiography Program Coordinator
Northside 405
Phone: (574) 520-5461

Heidi Walker, Clinical Coordinator
Northside 409
Phone: (574) 520-4372