Program Curriculum Associate of Science

The clinical/professional program is a 22 month, full-time program. Didactic courses are taught on the IU South Bend campus and clinical education experiences are conducted at Memorial Hospital of South Bend; St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Mishawaka, Plymouth, and South Bend campuses; Goshen General Hospital and Elkhart General Hospital. The clinical/professional program curriculum is a full-time day format with some evening and weekend hours. The curriculum sequence contains 66 credit hours and is as follows:

First Year

Summer Session II

Intro. to Clinical Radiography (R103), 1 cr. hr.


Orientation to Radiologic Technology (R100), 2 cr. hrs.
Radiographic Procedures I (R101), 4 cr. hrs.
Principals of Radiography I (R102), 3 cr. hrs.
Clinical Experience I (R181), 4 cr. hrs.

Total (13 cr. hrs.)


Radiographic Procedures II (R201), 4 cr. hrs.
Computer Application and Imaging (R208), 1 cr. hr.
Physics Applied to Radiography (R250), 3 cr. hrs.
Clinical Experience II (R192), 6 cr. hrs.

Total (14 cr. hrs.)

Summer Session I

Venipuncture and Pharmacology (R208), 1 cr. hr.
Clinical Experience III (R281), 5 cr. hrs.

Summer Session II

Clinical Experience IV (R282), 5 cr. hrs.

Total for both Summer Sessions (11 cr. hrs.)

Second Year


Pathology (R200), 2 cr. hrs.
Principles of Radiography II (R202), 3 cr. hrs.
Radiographic Procedures III (R205), 3 cr. hrs.
Clinical Experience V (R283), 6 cr. hrs.

Total (14 cr. hrs.)


Senior Seminar (Elective) (R207), 1 cr. hr.
Principles of Radiography III (R222), 3 cr. hrs.
Radiobiology and Protection (R260), 3 cr. hrs.
Comprehensive Experience (R290), 6 cr. hrs.

Total (12 cr. hrs.)

Clinical/Professional Hours: 66 cr. hrs.

General Education Hours: 27 cr. hrs.

Degree Program Total: 93+ cr. hrs.*

*Total credit hours do not include general collegiate study skill classes (non-GPA bearing) nor any course a student may be required to take based upon placement exam scores, admission status and prerequisite criteria. Examples: U100 Threshold Seminar, X101 Techniques in Textbook Reading, W031 Pre-Composition, W130 Principles of Composition, M004 Introduction to Algebra, M014 Basic Algebra, P130 Human Biology.