Radiography Program

All International Students your first step is to contact the Office of International Student Services to apply at (574) 520-4419.

U.S. Citizen (new or transfer student ) your first step is to apply to IU South Bend Admissions Office and be accepted.

Have your high school and/or college transcripts sent to admissions.

You will be required to take a placement test.

Please call the next day after taking your placement exam(s) to set up your registration appointment with an advisor at (574) 520-4504 or (574) 520-5570.

Your advisor will help you with class registration and other information.

Attend an IU South Bend campus orientation. Attendance at Orientation is mandatory. Students who do not attend will risk the chance of being administratively withdrawn from any classes.

Dual-Enrollment Courses

Please be awae that any collegiate course taken in high school, the following determines whether that course can be used to meet the general-education core course work requirements for the Associate of Science in Radiography (ASR) adn Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology (BSMIT) degrees:

  1. While students may receive general credit for successful performance on College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations, only course(s) that can be completed with an assigned letter grade (A, A-, B+, B, etc.) and validated on an official collegiate transcript (from a regionally accredited institution of higher education) can be used to meet the general-education core course work requirements.  Numerically scored courses (i.e. on the final AP Psychology examination scored 3 out of 4) are invalid and do not meet criteria associated with credited classes required for the ASR adn BSMIT degrees.
  2. Regardless of the level of education (high school vs. college) when attempting a course, students must earn a minimum grade of C for each completed general-education core course(s) required for the ASR/BSMIT degrees without more than one repeat in any course mandated based upon admittance status (U100), placement exam scores (study skills-M013 and COAS-B000, A100, W031, W130), and prerequisite (P130) course work.

Transfer Credit Policy    
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