General Education Requirements Associate of Science

General education courses help lay the foundation for the radiography courses and also serve to provide the student with a well-rounded education. The general education portion of the A.S. Radiography curriculum consists of approximately 20 credit hours. The courses may be taken on a full or part time basis and all courses required for the degree must be taken for a grade.

The courses listed to not include remedial classes (non-GPA bearing) or any other class a student may be required to take to meet admission and prerequisite criteria. Students must complete a minimum of 20 credit hours of general education course work (excluding remedial, admission, or prerequisite waiver classes) with a "C" or better to be eligible to apply for the clinical program. All potential applicants must be pre-approved by the Radiography Department to start the clinical application process.

W131 Elementary Composition
S121 Public Speaking


M111 Mathematics in the World

Biological Sciences**
P261 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
P262 Human Anatomy & Physiology II

Medical Terminology
R185 Medical Terminology

Must pass P130: Human Biology with a minimum grade of C.

One Repeat Policy: Students must achieve a grade of C in each pre-requisite and/or general education course required for the Associate of Science in Radiography degree. Students who earn a grade of less than C in their first attempt of a required course must earn a minimum grade of C by the second completed attempt. Students who do not successfully complete a minimum grade of C n their second attempt for a required pre-requisite and/or general education course are ineligible to continue in the IU South Bend Radiography Program.

Program Application Deadline

All students applying to the Clinical/Professional Program are required to complete a criminal background check as part of the application process.  Due to the timeframe needed to complete the check, the application timeframe and criterion has been changed to the following:
All students (including transfer) must be formally admitted to the IU South Bend campus as a degree seeking student and been advised by the program advisor no later than December 1 (calendar year) prior to the year of anticipated entry into the Clinical/Professional Program.  Please note-advising appointments to meet this criterion will not be scheduled the last seven working business days in November the Radiographhy Department is open.
All students must be certified by the program advisor as eligible to apply for the Clinical/Professional Program and must submit a formal application for admission consideration.  Beginning November 1 (calendar year), the applications will be available for students to pick up, Northside, 4th floor, Rm. 403, complete, and return by the submission deadline date of December 15 (calendar year) prior to the year anticipated entry into the Clinical/Professional Program.