Recycling at IU-South Bend

The Recycling Committee, a foundational element of the sustainability effort at IU South Bend, seeks to promote education and awareness of recycling, reuse, and reduction of the earth's resources. This is an ad-hoc committee open to faculty, staff, and students. We meet monthly and initiate recycling events throughout the year. Energetic new members committed to preserving the environment are always welcome to join.

The IU South Bend Recycling Program provides convenient ways for faculty, staff, and students to dispose of their recyclables. With three different types of recycling bins in each building, doing your part is easy.

At IU South Bend, you can recycle many things, including:

PAPER including office paper, File folders, Newsprint, Staple-bound catalogs and magazines, Junk mail, Sticky Notes, Telephone books, Paperboard, (e.g., cereal box)

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD (Flatten and place near paper recycling bin)

ALUMINUM CANS, steel cans, clean aluminum foil

PLASTIC BOTTLES (#1 and 2) including soda, juice, and water bottles, milk jugs, narrow-neck bottles (e.g., ketchup, Dressing and condiment bottles), and Laundry and Shampoo bottles

PRINTER CARTRIDGES Inkjet cartridges can be placed in boxes located in the Schurz library or Faculty/Staff copy rooms. Laser printer cartridges should be recycled using the envelopes provided by the manufacturer.

OVERHEAD TRANSPARENCIES can be placed in boxes located in Faculty/Staff copy rooms

BOOKS can be placed in Better World Book cardboard boxes located outside the Northside Hall bookstore, and first and second floor in Wiekamp Hall.

CELL PHONES can be placed in ink cartridge boxes (boxes are located in the library near the library circulation desk and the departmental copy rooms).