Ten things you can do to improve your health, conserve energy, and save money

1. Bike or Carpool to campus
Bike racks are located outside each Campus Building.

Sign up on the Ride Board to find people with whom you can coordinate driving. Log onto OneStart and click on Classifieds (listed under Popular Links) and look for the link Rideboard & Carpools.

2. TURN OFF the lights if you are the last one to leave a room. Leaving lights on unnecessarily for just one hour a day increases electricity costs by 5 to 10 percent per month. Turning off lights has immediate energy savings and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

3. BYOM - Bring your own mug or water bottle to campus.

4. Print double-sided and only print what you need.

5. Turn off your computer when not in use.

6. Save ink costs by using an ECOFONT or print in economy mode. Check out

7. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and use the automatic door openers only when necessary. (If you are not disabled, open outside doors using your hands. This reduces heat or air conditioning loss from the building and adds to your daily strength training.)

8. Share textbooks with a classmate and check out E-textbooks.

9. Take a class with a sustainability component.

10. Be social, Get involved - Join a green campus group and contribute to the campus dialogue with the Sustainability and Wellness Student Club, Center for a Sustainable Future at IUSB (Director: Professor Mike Keen, and the IUSB Recycling FaceBook Page.

11. Pass this list on to a friend