Block Enrollment

Description Actual Courses Block Enrollment Class
Business I-Core BUS-F 3
Block enrollment must be used to register for two or more courses that have to be taken together (e.g., CMLT-C 145 and ENG-W 143). These courses are “blocked” together into a block enrollment (BE) class.
70, BUS-I 370,
BUS-J 370, BUS-M 370, BUS-P 370
BUS-BE 370
AMID Prof Practicum AMID-H 469, AMID-H 475 AMID-BE 469
Honors Tutorial HON-H 299, CLAS-C 206 HON-BE 299
CMLT Interdisciplinary Study CMLT-C 145, ENG-W 143 CMLT-BE 145
Education Field Experience EDUC-M 330, EDUC-M 301 EDUC-BE 330

Most block enrollment classes require departmental consent, so you should choose to "View Class Permissions" to be sure you are authorized to register for the class.

Block Enrollment1
The OneStart Class Permissions Screen

Block Enrollment2
The OneStart Basic Class Search Screen

Block Enrollment3
The OneStart Class Search Results Screen

Block Enrollment4
The OneStart View My Schedule Screen

Immediately prior to the start of the term, you will be administratively registered in each individual class, (BUS-F 370, BUS-I 370); replacing this block enrollment.