Enrollment Reports

The Office of the Registrar provides a variety of enrollment information (headcount and credit hours) broken down in a variety of ways. Office of the Registrar reports are unofficial. Official enrollment information can be found at the Indiana University Official Reporting Web Site.

Indiana University Official Reporting Web Site
Official enrollment (census), graduation, retention, financial aid, and other miscellaneous reports for Indiana University can be found on the Indiana University Official Reporting Web Site.

Census Reports
These reports provide detailed information at census. Various headcount, credit hours, and demographic breakdowns include student classification, gender, ethnicity, home county, home city, and age.

Indiana University Fact Book
Detailed information about Indiana University, its trustees, students, alumni, etc. can be found in the Indiana University Fact Book.

Weekly Enrollment Updates (discontinued) - These reports provided "live" headcount and credit hour comparisons to the previous year during the registration period. A report comparing credit hour enrollment to the budgeted credit hours was included when available.

Daily Enrollment (charts) (discontinued) - These charts showed daily campus headcount, credit hours, and credit hours per student during the fall semester registration period.