iGPS: Interactive Graduation Planning Success Schedule Builder

iGPS: Interactive Graduation Planning Success Schedule Builder

The Interactive Graduation Planning Success System (iGPS) is a scheduling tool that is available to all Indiana University students who have been granted permission to enroll in future terms.  Through iGPS, students can plan their schedules for future terms, block time that is needed for personal reasons and build schedules that meet their plans and schedules.

iGPS currently has two main components; the Academic Planner and the Schedule Builder.  Students begin by adding classes to their Academic Planner.  After courses have been added to the Academic Planner, students are encouraged to share their plans with their academic advisors to ensure they are scheduling courses in the proper sequence that satisfy their degree requirements.

Through the Schedule Builder, students can block personal time and build schedules based on classes listed in the Academic Planner.

Listed below are the steps that students can follow to access their Academic Planners and Schedule Builders.  Links to job aids are also provided.

  1. Login into OneStart
  2. Click the Services Tab (located at the top of the screen)
  3. Click the Student Self-Service link (located on left side of the screen)
  4. Click the Go to Student Center link
  5. Click the Academic Planning link
  6. Click the New Planner link
    1. Refer to the iGPS: Academic Planner and iGPS: Schedule Builder job aids