How to Read the Schedule of Classes

How to Read the Schedule of Classes

Abbreviations Used in the Schedule

M Monday T Tuesday (Tu online)
W Wednesday R Thursday (Th online)
F Friday S Saturday
N Sunday D Daily (M through F)
ACT Activity ARR Arranged (TBA online)
CLN Clinical WW World Wide Web
DIS Discussion DRL Drill (ROTC)
IND Independent Study LAB Laboratory
LEC Lecture PCT Practicum
PERM Class Permission Required RSTR Enrollment Restricted
SEM Seminar TPC Topic
VT Variable Topic P or
COREQ Corequisite

Building Codes

AA Fine Arts Building AI Administration Building
DW Dorothy and Darwin Wiekamp Hall EA Education Arts Building
EK, EL Elkhart Center, 125 East Franklin Street FE Student Activities Center
GR Greenlawn Hall HP Course Meets at an Area Hospital
LM Schurz Library NS Northside Hall
Off Campus
Riverside Hall
SA Scul;ture Studio, 910 E. Wayne St., South Bend
Course Meets at an Area School
TB Technology Building
UD University Center
WW Web    

Terms Used in the Schedule

Corequisite: A course which must be taken simultaneously with another specified course.

Credit Hours: Number of hours a course is taught.

Prerequisite (PREREQ): Course(s), major, skills, and/or test scores you are required to have before enrolling in a particular course.

Class Permission (PERM): Student must obtain approval from the department/school offering the class before registering. The school will then record the permission on the computer registration system which will allow the student to register for the class.

Class Number: A number that identifies a specific offering of a course by the days and times the class meets.