Get Ready to Register

Step One Log in to One.IU — Log in to One.IU with your username and passphrase. These are the same as those used for university e-mail and Oncourse.
Step Two Before you register, make sure that you are ready to register by viewing the Registration & Classes channel in OneStart.
  Arrow My Registration Appointment — Check to be sure you are registering during or after your registration appointment time. If you do not have an appointment, contact the Office of the Registrar at (574) 520-4451 to establish your eligibility.
(Appointments are only required during the first week of registration. Appointments are only available to students who are enrolled at IU South Bend for the current term.)
You may register at any time during or after your appointment up until the start of the term. The earlier you register, the better your chances are of getting the classes you want at the times you want them.
  Arrow My Class PermissionsIf you plan to register for classes that require special permission or authorization, check to be sure that permission has been granted.
  Arrow Holds on My Record — Be sure there are no academic or financial holds that will prevent you from registering. Some schools or departments may place a hold on your registration until you have been advised.
Registration Tip — Instead of using the "Schedule of Classes" link in OneStart, open a second browser window and review the "Class Schedule" link provided on the Office of the Registrar home page.