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Spring Term 2012
Advanced Search View classes offered in real-time. This view includes up to the minute enrollment counts.
Department Class Browser Individually view classes filtered by department, then class, then section
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After-Hours Classes Exclusively view classes offered at 4:30 p.m. or later during the week and/or on weekends
Elkhart Classes Exclusively view classes offered in Elkhart

On-line Classes*
(web based)

Exclusively view classes offered on-line
Common Core Courses Campuswide General Education requirements. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Courses Fulfilling Campuswide General Education Requirements in Fundamental Literacies and Contemporary Social Values
Searchable Comprehensive list of Courses Fulfilling General Education Requirements Since Fall 2005
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Class Meetings Matrix
*Static versions are updated regularly except on holidays and weekends. The class information on OneStart is updated continuously.

Searching for Summer (2012) Classes, available soon.
When looking through the Schedule of Classes for summer, pay close attention to the following session codes which will be displayed directly below the class number and subject in OneStart. Session codes in the printed class schedule appear to the right of the class number.

OneStart Code Printed Code Session Dates
1st Summer SS1 TBA
Non Std 1 NS1 TBA
2nd Summer SS2 TBA
Non Std 2 NS2 TBA
Regular 1 TBA

Onestart Session View