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Course Listing: PHYSICS 2

Fall 2012, South Bend

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	PHYS-P 222  PHYSICS 2 (5 CR)
        This class is part of the "Transfer Indiana" (transferIN) initiative.
        For additional information, link to HTTP://WWW.TRANSFERIN.NET
         CLSD  4248 PERM     05:30P-06:45P   MW     NS 0063   Schimmrigk R                  16    0    0
                 The Academic Centers for Excellence- Learning Center offers
                 tutoring for this course. For a schedule of available tutors,
                 stop by AI 122 or check online at: HTTPS://WWW.IUSB.EDU/TUTORING/LEARNINGCENTER.PHP
                 Discussion (DIS)
         CLSD  4269 PERM     07:00P-07:50P   M      NS 0063   Schimmrigk R                  16    0    0
                 Laboratory (LAB)
         CLSD  4249 PERM     07:00P-09:00P   W      NS 0048   Schimmrigk R                  16    0    0
                 Lab Fee





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