Course Descriptions

REL R152 Religions of the West (3 cr.) Patterns of religious life and thought in the West: continuities, changes, and contemporary issues.

REL R153 Religions of the East (3 cr.) Modes of thinking, views of the world and the sacred, the human predicament and paths to freedom, human ideals and value systems in the religions of India, China, and Japan.

REL R160 Religion and American Culture (3 cr.) Traditional patterns of encounter with the sacred. Secularization of Western culture. Religious elements in contemporary American culture.

REL R210 Introduction to Old Testament/Hebrew Bible (3 cr.) Development of its beliefs, practices, and institutions from the Patriarchs to the Maccabean period. Introduction to the biblical literature and other ancient Near East documents.

REL R220 Introduction to New Testament (3 cr.) Origins of the Christian movement and development of its beliefs, practices, and institutions in the first century. Primary source is the New Testament, with due attention to non-Christian sources from the same environment.

REL R335 Religion in Early America (3 cr.) European background of American religious history, Puritanism, Pietism, religious aspects of the Enlightenment, religious experiences and ideas of African Americans and Native Americans, religion in the American Revolution, the impact of immigration on religion in the early nineteenth century, and the role of religion in the Civil War.

REL R336 Religion in Modern America (3 cr.) Rise of liberalism, modernism, fundamentalism, and pentacostalism; Catholic and Jewish developments, especially the impact of immigrations on those traditions; and the confusing state of American religion since World War II.