Undergraduate Research on Religion Award

Each Spring semester, the Religious Studies Committee sponsors a cash prize in recognition of an outstanding undergraduate paper that examines religious studies, broadly defined. The goal of this award is neither to promote nor to denigrate any particular religious belief system, but instead to encourage the use of the methodology of one’s discipline to better understand either the nature of religion or how religion functions in the lives of individuals or groups. Papers are encouraged from any discipline.

Summary Guidelines
Open to any currently enrolled IUSB undergraduate
Maximum of 30 pages (including references)
Adhere to style guidelines of a major journal in your field
Cover page to include name, address, email, phone, discipline, paper title
Second page contains only paper title and less than 200 word abstract

Submission Deadline
Submissions are due to the Chair of the Committee no later than 5pm on the third Friday in April.

J. Wesley and Roberta Robbins Scholarship

This award is officially available through the College of the Liberal Arts and Sciences. It is administered by the Religious Studies Committee because preference is given to applicants whose coursework and research interests relate to the integration of religion and science.

The below links provide additional information and application materials.

J. Wesley and Roberta Robbins Scholarship details

J. Wesley and Roberta Robbins Scholarship application