1. Research Project Initiation Grants were established to support faculty who are undertaking a new direction in their research or creative activity.
  2. Grant: Up to $500 for one project. No proposal will be accepted from investigators who have an open R&D Grant (Faculty Research, Curriculum, Research Project Initiation, Regional Research, or Seed Grant) at the time of application.
  3. Eligibility: Faculty; Must be tenured or have tenure-track appointment at the time of application. No proposal will be accepted from investigators who have an open IUSB grant at the time of application.
  4. Deadlines: No formal deadline. Proposal will be accepted throughout the year. Once funds are expended for the year the program will be put on hold until the next fiscal year.
  5. How to Apply: Submit the following:
    1. a completed and signed Proposal Route Sheet
    2. a memorandum (2 pages maximum) describing the proposed project or creative activity to be initiated including the:
      1. context (be sure to discuss the new direction for your research or creative activity)
      2. objectives
      3. methodology
      4. potential to stimulate additional work for dissemination and/or external funding
    3. a budget
    4. a curriculum vitae (10 pages maximum)
    5. a copy of your IRB approval if appropriate.
  6. Notification of Action and Handling of the Grant Account:
    1. Applicants will be notified by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of the status of their proposal approximately three weeks after the proposal is submitted.
    2. A grant must be expended within one year unless an extension is requested and approved by the Research & Development Committee or its designee.
    3. Significant changes in project objectives, procedures, or budget cannot be undertaken without the approval of the Research & Development Committee or its designee.
    4. A closing report must be sent to the Office of Research within one month of the account expiration date. Individuals who have not submitted a report on previous grants will not be eligible for future grants.
    5. After the specified deadline unused funds will revert to a campus account.
    6. These grants will normally terminate when their recipients' appointment at IUSB comes to an end.

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